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CCTV Services

Network Squad is a specialist in installing CCTV surveillance systems throughout the capital. We assist our clients in every step of the process to ensure smooth sailing. This includes the initial site survey, design, installation, and user guide. Furthermore, we provide an efficient and prompt maintenance service to remove any possible disruptions in the CCTV systems.

Unlocking the Potential of CCTV Surveillance:

Exploring its Vital Benefits

Harnessing the power of CCTV camera support brings forth a myriad of advantages that extend beyond mere security. Let's delve into how this technology serves as a formidable crime deterrent, a savvy investment in expense management, and an invaluable tool for efficient staff monitoring

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Network Squad's Installation Process

Network Squad provides the complete installation package. We ensure that the entire transition happens smoothly and keep our clients in the loop.

CCTV Camera

Why Network Squad?



We offer comprehensive surveillance services beyond installation, ensuring the ongoing performance of CCTV systems. Any disruptions in feed or image quality are promptly addressed, minimising impact on client operations.



At Network Squad, we continuously enhance our infrastructure to deliver cutting-edge NVR and DVR systems for advanced video recording and storage solutions.

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR): This system records videos from analogue cameras.


  • Network Video Recorder (NVR): On the other hand, NVR uses IP cameras to record videos.


Customer Support

At Network Squad, our commitment extends beyond installation. Our help desk is available to address your concerns via phone or email, ensuring prompt assistance. Additionally, we promptly visit sites for maintenance, resolving issues effectively.


Data Storage Solutions

In today's digital landscape, data abundance requires reliable storage solutions. Network Squad offers dual options: local storage, utilizing physical server equipment for data integrity, and cloud storage, providing remote accessibility via internet-connected servers.


  • Local Storage: This storage method involves storing data on physical server equipment.


  • Cloud Storage: Meanwhile, the storage systems store data on remote servers that are connected via the internet.

  • Could you do a self-install of Starlink?
    In general, building your own Starlink system is feasible provided you're at ease with technology, know how to use a ladder securely, can handle working at heights, and are prepared to pay close attention to instructions. Nonetheless, some individuals would rather hire a technician to install their Starlink Internet so they can sleep well.
  • How do I set up Starlink to install?
    A Starlink Installer with experience, such as NetworkSquad Installations, may be scheduled for an appointment. To schedule your installation, just utilise our website, and a member of our staff will get in contact.
  • Will Starlink have installers?
    As of right now, Starlink does not employ its own qualified installers, nor are there any known intentions to do so. You may use an independent Starlink installer like NetworkSquad or use the self-installation kit that Starlink offers you.
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