Remote IT Support

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Do you require general IT Support with your Printers, PC, MAC, Network Router, Network Switch, CCTV or any other IT related types of equipment? Book a slot for remote IT support on a per hour basis. You can schedule Appointments from below, select the number of blocks you think you require each block is for 30 min. Usually, 2 blocks of 30min (1 Hour) is ideal for remote it support. If you are unsure of the block required for your support solution please call us on 0203 411 4479.

Business Hours: 09:00 am to 18:00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).
Out of Hours: is billable at 1.5-times the regular hourly rate. This includes evenings and weekends.

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Remote IT Support

Problems which can be resolved by booking these services can be

Outlook / email / exchange
Software installation (for example Antivirus / Office / etc )
General PC issue
Email Backup
Data Backup
Network Checks
Firewall Checks

How we will support remotely?

At the appointment time, one of our colleagues will call you and help you to download third-party software to download and run. This software will then give you a desk number which we will use to connect to your pc remotely. When we will try to connect using the desk number you will get a prompt to allow access to us to control your pc to provide IT Support. You are always in control and can anytime close the session (it is recommended that you close all important files/software etc before our call).

Download Software


As we can now access your computer remotely you can sit back and relax and we will do the rest to solve the problem. Once we have completed the task we can disconnect at the end or you can also close the session we can not reconnect to your PC or we have any access to your PC. The remote control software is a third party software that you download directly from the third party website.

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